Monday, May 10, 2010

Going backward to go forward

Sometimes I feel so backward. You'll catch me saying phrases such as, "Better to not travel so within a small island-like'll shop less...use less fuel...Encourage your children not to go away for college...go to a local school...keeps the family more extended...less expenses as everyone ages". The list goes on! This goes against the grain of hyper-mobile civilization. Yet, it's where we must go: to build a more meaningful, connected localized global culture. Is that so backward? Is it not forward?


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Quixie said...

I think that we are in a transitional state right now, and the building of a global society is challenging many local perceptions of community. I think it makes sense to flex and contract our understanding of the necessity of our current definitions of community in order to contribute to and build a stronger foundation for our future understanding.