Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day of the Dead

Now begins the Day of the Dead - the
meeting of the world of spirit and
matter. Actually spirit and matter are
always meeting: that's the normal
human condition. Perhaps, we ignore our
spirit side way too much. That's our
culture of materialism dominating our life
model. It's the False God of only
matter is real
. Really now, the most
real is the invisible. Ask the physicist.

No. The real is what can be
measured, felt, and seen.
No. That's māyā, the vale of
illusion, that we measure, see,
and feel.
No. It's so fine, it's the
Void. Everything comes from
No. These are all words.
Give them up. Listen to the
Sound of the cosmos.
Make your own music, poetry,
art, words to the beat of the
cosmos. Be a creator. Make love
with your whole being.

Friday, October 16, 2009

360 Degree Wisdom Circles

I have a vision of "360 degree wisdom circles". Gatherings of friends, neighbors, students, co-workers engaged and arranged into spontaneous circles for up to 15 minutes in silence. The wisdom is in facing each other in silence suspending viewpoints and judgments. Just being present to each other. The wisdom of no-viewpoint. Just being together as-we-are.

I see these circles happening around board rooms, in office spaces, in public parks, shopping centers -- anywhere, anyplace, and anytime. Sometimes standing; sometimes sitting. The form and place not as important as the action of being together as-we-are just as human beings.

Furthermore, I see this practice spreading to friends of friends by personal contact, internet, and occasional media to the population of the entire Earth. No changes asked, only the action of being together as-we-are just as human beings.

We cannot talk our way out of the crisis in our times. So, let's BE our way into heaven on earth.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Walk In Now

On the eve of my middle school
graduation I discovered the practice
of walking-in-now. It was afternoon.
I was feeling a little tired and
depressed. Graduation was soon happenning,
but I had apprehension about the
future - as is likely before going
through a ritual of transformation. Like
any young person, I took to watching
television for relief. On the tube was a
motivational speaker who made a
remarkable recommendation for
moving forward in life. It went like this:

"Imagine a line on the floor.
Stand on one side of the line.
Bring to mind some
aspect of a new life you
want to live out. Imagine that as
you cross that line, your are
actually walking in, stepping into,
your new life right now."