Saturday, January 31, 2015

Relationship with Time

I was a little kid living with my parents on a dairy farm. Quiet clear summer nights smelling of alfalfa. Often noticed the ticking sound of our windup alarm clock. I loved to hold it to my ear to hear it "tick-toc". By getting really still, you could see the minute hand budge slightly with each tick-toc.

Years later, I was a graduate student, working on a thesis called "Wholes and Parts". Two years later, no sense of progress! I was going nowhere with this thesis. In frustration, I decided to write an "instant thesis". In one week, during two nights, two hours each night, a total of four hours, wrote a perfect jewel - “A Theory of Subjective Time”. My adviser told me to show it to the "time expert". Which I did. Quickly, it substituted for my two year going nowhere thesis!

Sometimes you take a long time to accomplish nothing; but can take almost no time to get it all done!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Holographic Wholeness

Realize interconnected holographic wholeness. The ordinary and the cosmic meet everyday but we forget, get lost. Pay attention again and again to the miracle of existence that is you, me, and us. We easily fragment life. We started as oneness, we can return to oneness. Here and now. Life was here before us and goes on without us. As we get less human-centric it becomes clear that life is universal even when we don't see it. Once humans believed the earth was the center of the universe - now it's so not so.  From the view of love, of spirit, it is All One.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Hanshan and Shide

The Profile of Hanshan and Shide 
Monks,painted by Luo Pin, a top famous
Chinese traditional painter of Qing 
Dynasty, and one of Eight Eccentric 
Painters of Yangzhou(扬州八怪)