Saturday, May 31, 2008

You are the world

The world comes into existence when you awake and goes out of existence when you sleep. You are the world!

During sleep you live in a world of dreams, and sometimes utter quiet. Of these two states, the dream world is most like waking life. The quiet state is most like the condition of total enlightenment - which is beyond the world altogether. Is not life itself, when recalled (as memories) like a dream? A dreamer sometimes realizes they are in a dream, and thereby breaks the power of the dream.

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's a blessing

It's a blessing when someone asks you about meditation; it supports your own meditation.

A mediation question is a gift. It turns our focus to the fundamental nature of our consciousness. It humbles us, because so much is at stake: the mind of the person asking. Answer carefully from the depths of your heart. Admit what you don't know. Thank the questioner, for they have compelled you to return to mediation in that moment. Only in meditation, can a question about meditation be answered.

On my walk around

Good to be alive. Just walking.

Store Art

Mystical artwork. Seen on Telegraph Avenue near campus.

Party Line

When I was a kid living on a diary farm in Los Angeles, our telephone line was shared by four families. It was called a "party line".

The World Wide Web opened up social networking sites that expose us to each other's private worlds and fantasies. But, when I was a child we had the four line party line. I loved it! When my parents where in another room, I would quietly pick up the phone receiver. Suddenly, I'd hear a phone conversation between two people who where strangers. It was exciting! A glimpse into another personal world. Actually, I was too embarrassed to listen for more than a few seconds. Just to know that they were there - to know that I could hear them was enough. A bridge had been made between two private worlds. Today's technologies provide more and more tools to hear and see each other's private worlds. Even mainstream broadcast television offers "reality TV" - we can look in continuously the life of a family as they go about their days. Now, we've got lots of "party lines"!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Progress" in meditation

To go for "progress" in meditation makes enlightenment a receding horizon. Effort works against us. Sit and wait. Grace may come.

This issue of progress in meditation comes up often. Students tell me that they are not making any progress at all. But, the problem is that meditation is not about progress - it's about giving up control and surrendering to what is. What is, is what is - both outside and inside. How can there be progress in the realm of surrender. True surrender is giving up control. So there may be no progress in the sense that the ego is controlling how things will go. If the ego must control - that is not meditation. If the ego steps aside - the very idea of progress goes away! That is meditation.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Confused mind

Sometimes the mind is confused & chaotic. Just watch it. Trying to change it, will only add another layer. Just watch it. It passes.