Monday, November 13, 2017

Time Monster

In the end, we get swallowed up by the time monster. Easy to think that time is not real. Time is personified by clocks, chimes, bell towers, time stamps, a side bar on computer screens, and much more. The price of life is time. But beyond time is eternity. People in jail are said to be "serving time". The events and stages between conception and death are the "story of our lives". Stories happen in time, like movies and novels. Life implies death; death implies life.

Thursday, November 09, 2017


Coming into Stillness is the fruit of many long years practicing coming to the present moment. How shall we do this? The best way is to stop anywhere you can for a few moments. This could be just out your door, living room, kitchen, on a walk in the woods, etc. Just stop. Wait. Listen for a moment of stillness-silence in your mind. Usually, you start noticing your breath. Or, perhaps, the white noise in your ears. Stay with the breath - following it in and out. If long enough, notice that the stillness may get deeper. If any or all of this happens - just be thankful. You have "stopped the world".