Sunday, August 02, 2020

Unreleased poem written by Americ and Diane

Diane: "We wrote this poem jointly (the parts are labeled with our initial), and he really liked the idea of a collaborative effort. He came home one day from a short walk and had written the first part and I responded in poem. The last part, which I mostly wrote, tells of our meeting/relationship."

Flickers and Reflections
a poem at first sight
a spider web of words
catching beams of memories
and feelings from somewheres
far and close flickers.

far & close
feelings flicker
long forgotten
yet so near
the eyes cannot
focus to see
but the poem
more accurately
than any memory
could possibly

a lake is full
of water and light
below flickers of heaven
the ores pushing waves
into sounding resounding
splashes of memory.

our memory:
what was that beautiful day we first met
in the reception area of that loosely-run office?
ah, but that was gradual--
a glimpse
turning to a word
turning to gazing
but what about that first day
we sat on the park bench
and kissed
as minutes rolled by
our work day
by the stoppage of time
where love lives
in eternity
yet managing to return back to the desk
in time to keep our jobs in tact

so our meetings would continue
until the crises that life often brings
broke in
shattered eternity
back into time
and our lives

now returning again
after decades 
that never happened
slipping back into love

… and flowing in the window 
from the backyard oak
the birds sing
yes, yes.”
  -D, with A

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Facing the Future

Facing the future demands that we stand firm on this spot. We begin from where we are. I am here and now in this particular place and time. For most of us, that seems too simple. Try it. It always begins and ends here and now. To go forward, just be here. Don’t be afraid of stillness. Change will happen no matter how hard you fight it. 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Just Words

WORDS ARE MAPS of reality and dreams. Words are not reality, not dreams. Better to stop now. Sit, walk around and breathe. Later, come back to the words. Perhaps, the world would not exit without words; the "world" is a story we tell each other. Take away the story. What do you have left over? Just this, just that. Engaging directly with what is; like a new born. Of words, we don't need many. Just a phrase, a sound, can be enough
to suggest reality.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Backing Off

LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS a straight path. We go forward and back off. Often I would try to make a speech in front of class. I would feel extremely nervous before beginning the talk. I wanted to be “relaxed”. Eventually discovering that being nervous was a positive sign - it meant that the energy was there for a good talk. I started to tell myself, “Just get started and you will feel better after you forget yourself”. So true! Just get started.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


poets say
more with
fewer words

say less
with many, many

saints don't
need words
at all

Friday, July 17, 2020


Consciousness is obvious, mysterious, unthinkable, and infinitely deep.  Scientists and philosophers often write convoluted exhausting boring explanations of consciousness; but that is not consciousness.

Consciousness' luminous reality is to be intuited directly and effortlessly. Consider the Dzogchen[1] teachings. Tsoknyi Rinpoche sums it up brilliantly: “Let the display of thoughts, emotions, and perceptions unfold naturally and without clinging, like clouds passing through an open sky.”[2] Consciousness is like the sky – open to everything passing through it but ultimately unaffected. Like a mirror – it reflects everything that passes by while staying clear and empty.

We live mostly in separation consciousness; feeling-thinking "this or that" in a world of distinct, somewhat unrelated objects. Me and you. Us and them. Light and dark - and shades in-between.
The universe is infused with consciousness. But it is unfocused and not self-aware. Life becomes progressively more intelligent until it become self-aware, self-conscious. Feeding back on itself. Learning from its own successes and mistakes.

Unitive, union, or cosmic consciousness is a state of alive luminous oneness. This state is more likely to persist while discursive dualistic thought is suspended.

At one extreme it a bath of bliss. And, we care little for the “details” of maintaining the body.

In a more ordinary functional life, we feel love and unity with others while still aware of separate persons and objects.

[2] “Dzogchen: The Sky of Wisdom”, Shambhala Sun, July 2014, page 60.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Holographic Nature of Reality

Cosmos defines everything including the indefinable. Music of the spheres plays on and on. Every point of space is packed with an image of the entire cosmos. That's the holographic nature of reality. We contain the entire cosmos within us, but always looking outwardly for the answers. Now look and listen within.