Thursday, May 07, 2015

self integration

depression sinking
dark and deep
space falls infinitely
i am so small
frightened mind
this vision is not comfort

nowadays I focus
with positive momentum
I still my mind more and more
to see how strong
each present moment is

no more this struggle of selves
rest death and destruction in peace

me in my body
trees look upon us
to move

nothing changes
except my visual lens
one perspective to another
a constant realization practice
over and over in each moment
remembering how
I am in this space
right here and right now

Mother stretches out her soul to feed my little branches
She compassionately fills each twig
so sunlight pierces through my star pores
She allows me to fill myself in this space
so finally I feel myself here in body grounded

the art of happiness is found
I feel loved in this space
being held lovingly in Me
this is home
thank you

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