Monday, May 04, 2015

Game Face

Tears smeared her mascara and etched a script of an emotion she tried to hide from him. As he continued to berate her with words which pierced like knives, she tried to speak with words unbroken through broken breath. 

Never show weakness in the face of adversity her mother had taught her; these words were hollow if they could not prevent the wounds continuously opened by his rage. For years she allowed him to deteriorate her self esteem for fear of losing the man she loved by speaking against him. 

She looked back over the years and noticed that she had lost him years ago. As he grew more possessive and jealous, she pulled away from him. Once she began to grow distant, he turned away, causing her to return to him yet again. They played this game more and more frequently as time progressed until finally, he turned away all together. 

The once loving relationship which brought them together and helped them grow, now cast a shadow upon her heart. To reanimate herself, to bring life back into her dim eyes, she had to end this game tonight. 

A fire, while dim at first, began to grow. It was not anger or even resentment. It was a longing to be free; it was a light to guide herself home. She finally understood what her mother had told her so many years ago; do not hide your face in adversity, show your strength when all you want to do is hide. The tears which once smeared her mascara now became war paint; she found the power to fight again.

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