Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Photo Shop

The fact is that no person is perfect. We are given a universal idea of perfection which is contrived. Why spend time and money to become someone you are not. Your imperfections made you who you are though; you are literally one of a kind, like a snowflake. We struggle to look like someone we envy and fail due to the technology which enhances their looks. With the right amount of money or skilled designer, a terrible picture can come out looking perfect. Airbrush for flawless skin. Photo editing programs to enhance the exposure.

Sadly, society then takes it one step further and begins to alter the physical body. Too much weight? No need to work out, just get it removed with surgery. Excessive amount of wrinkles? Easy, use a chemical to look younger. Put it on your face every night.

Now you are getting closer to your dream...right?

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