Sunday, February 02, 2014

Just Wait

You reach a point, a place where you can’t think or imagine or feel. What do you do? Just wait without expectations – even without hope. Just wait. That is all that’s required. That all there is for a while. A deeper sense of faith begins to dawn in the dark moments – perhaps only a faint memory or image. That is enough. That is the turning around – the place of faith and hope. After the fog of despair and fatigue dispels itself and the you that is really You shines in the early day. You are here now. You are again free. 

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Anonymous said...

Memories play like movies in my head.
You’re there, sliding into your car
singing “Ain’t to proud to beg, sweet darlin”,
your beautiful smile belying how much
you loved me.

And then there was him, and his glorious love
for me, then.
They all loved me, then, in my youth,
my beautiful youth, round and full and sexy.
On the dance floor, under the tree

Naive and easily seduced,
the ebullience of youth is a commodity,
and like the elderly enduring a money swindle,
once it’s gone you're left feeling like a fool
“He loves me, he loves me not”

But here and now, there and then seems
not so long ago
and the ageless point of memories
in the reflection becomes a counterpoint
to the present, allowing life to flow, seamlessly.

In the palm of meditation
we are at once heartsick and overjoyed,
enraptured and stilled.
What was once, lives on forever and
what is now, very soon becomes a memory.