Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Perfect dialogue ends in silence

I begin, continue and end my classes with dialogue on many levels. Each class is always different from a previous class. The content of the class changes because different students show up and because I'm different too. The idea of a locked in syllabus, a fixed program of studies is good because people need structure – yet, they also need to explore and make the subject their own. That's where dialogue comes in quite well. 

True dialogue brings meaning to life. It expresses profound love. We are born to sing, gesture, and talk with each other. Our group survival depends on that. To love one another and love the whole of creation is our destiny, purpose, or dharma. Opening up to “fields of new possibilities”, becoming wildly creative, like children, and joining the play of creation.

Each of us knows so little; others may help us gain a greater view. Adjust worldviews - incorporating greater information, knowledge, and wisdom.

The perfect dialogue ends in silence; a silence that feels complete in itself. A sense of unity with all-that-is pervades; along with a feeling of completeness.

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