Thursday, December 26, 2019

Bounded Unbounded Consciousness

Religious wars are fought over what form consciousness should take. In truth, consciousness is unbounded, like the open luminous sky. We tend to identify with the contents of consciousness; so that truth becomes truth within a way of talking and thinking. "This is the only true way. And it is expressed in these document for now and all time." If God be infinite, God would have to become not-God in order to be bounded by the particular documents of certain historic periods - in one particular planet in this vast universe. The truth is in the actions, in the love - not dogmas or doctrines. 


Anonymous said...

Someone New

I was listening to him speak,
and God was there

I kept thinking about
how cold it was and how I wanted
to go home,

when presently I was someone new,

standing at a bus stop
in my worn wool car coat,
the thread bare one with the missing button

my cart was full
and snow everywhere, makin’ it hard
to wheel it where I was goin’

I had such a time at the store
they didn’t have none of the chickin
my boy likes so much

and it bein’ so cold

all I could think was
“Danny, where are you when your
mama needs you?”

just then I sees this beautiful blonde lady
sittin’ in a real sharp car

she was lookin’ all sad and everything
and I thought “What you got to be so sad ‘bout?”

and just like that, I was someone new again

“I really don’t know why, on a day like this,
we can’t just send a gift”

I don’t enjoy socializing when we have no
idea what’s going with our son but, John thinks
it’s important to keep up appearances, so

it takes such effort to get ready
the hair, the makeup, the clothes,
oh, I wish I could escape this life

like that guy, over there
look at him, so relaxed and comfortable
in his own skin, wears what he wants,
does what he wants

and with that, I was someone new

Only two more blocks
I don’t know what I was thinking
it’s too cold out to be doing this

Dr. says I need more exercise, so OK
I get more exercise,
I’ll die from cold air

but I won’t, I know I won’t
look at that poor lady waiting
at bus stop, she’s much too old to be out
in this for any length of time

she’s included in my intention’s God
may my prayers help ease her burdens

And as the bus pulls up,
“Here, let me get that for you.”

Anonymous said...

You are a true Mystic