Saturday, December 21, 2019

Absolute Presence

The infinite limitless boundary between is and is-not
expands ever more - as mind not knowing
when to stop movement. But in stillness, pure
and simple, it allows wholeness. Nothing
more furthers along this path.

Feeling present right here and right now.
Allowing the boundary between outside and inside to drop away.
You may not always live in this state of union with absolute presence.
But, you can unite with it several times a day;
so improving the miraculous quality of your life.

What is better than That?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The soul of the world in the heart of the fruit,
it’s there if you look

How often have I pondered the heavens,
when the beauty of the apple, with its own faithful seeds, was in my hands

The stars have imprinted their wisdom on every lowly kiwi,
revealing their beauty for us to savor with each slice

Ancient nebulas released, as sacred juices burst forth
from the delicate casing of an orange segment

Each of these holds a magnificent understanding of life,
in their very fiber, in their hallowed life spans

Were it not so, who would tell the seed how to bloom? or the orb to ripen?
these truths slip past as we mindlessly attend our day

Acquire a habit of awareness, grasping our potential,
these are the things that will lead us safely home