Wednesday, December 11, 2019

After Twenty Minutes

After Twenty Minutes by americ
A reflection, spoken after a twenty minute meditation session at home. An ordinary meditation.


Anonymous said...

I have a stone I pocketed
from the shores of Lake Michigan

It is a perfectly round fat disc
and smooth as polished glass

I don’t know how old it is,
safe to say older than me

My fingers fiddle comfortingly with
this simple piece of earthen rubble,

an ancient habit, the impenetrable surface
has softened my mind on many a topic

The memory of the water
gives the rock its tranquil powers

All those years spent rolling in the depths,
tactile evidence our environment shapes us

Andrew Phuong said...

Absolutely beautiful!
Thanks for sharing it!
I love it!
meditation is a path that we can take towards universal love and peace :D