Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lines of Conciousness

I fear my biggest regret upon dying will be that I underestimated myself.
That I somehow didn't realize I was my own Enlightenment.
That I was searching for me and missed me because I am me.
It's like this quiet knowing I can't explain.
I feel like even uttering it...And it's gone, or I've somehow made it less real with my human language.

Than it was; but ultimately I know it doesn't matter what I do. Not that I'm powerless, the opposite.
It is YOU! Infinitely shining energy, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? SEE YOURSELF!

Fear and anxiety are often wanting to be invited in for tea.
Come to the party, I say.
We have a chat with myself.
I talk to these faux feelings, we have a conversation.
I always make it through somehow because I remember what I had forgotten:

Do what makes you feel good and live in the heart.
The mind won't leave you when you wish to play with the tool that's as big as you make it.

As humans, we are energy manipulators.
We have the ability to channel emotions and thoughts in a remarkably beautiful or horrible way.
How do you treat ants? They annoy you; we kill them. Do you believe in a bigger God than you? What size? What capacity of intellect and compassion?
I try but cannot fathom.
You must constantly forgive yourself and accept.

You walk the earth, you feel love in your heart and you smile; a young mother with a child catches it and you see it spread--both lives, saved!
And you remember how much it hurt to find out YOU have a choice.
Little YOU has much more power than you who thought you were you ever imagined...

Be sure you are not suffering over your suffering.
Remember the SHIFT:
Have you made your suffering too comfortable? Is the deep jolt of shift, of happiness, worse than the deep pang of regret?

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