Saturday, July 06, 2013

At Large

Stacking dead papers into the sky, continuing to work without knowing why. I wanted to see what was above the hours clocked and dollars earned, though terrified of what I'd find in return.

I built a ladder into the sky, made of paintings and novels; some which make you laugh or sometimes made you cry. The things which only through our humanity can they live and do they die.

As I climbed I began to dream, of freedom and peace as I gripped at the seams. Dreams which made the world below look shaken and obscene.

Taking a final step onto the papers that darkened the sky, I shuttered with uncertanty of the answers to why. Expecting the worse I slowly began to open one eye.

I guess I don't know what I was expecting to see, a man in a black suit watching TV? Clearly someone wasn't watching over me. Mabye a machine made of cherries and eights, spitting out money and spreading more waste.

It was light! Like the sun bouncing off the front of a white page.

With just one of my eyes, this blinding light was all I could see, so I opened them both and saw something very dear to me. It  WAS  a new and beautiful fresh page, like the ones I remembered from back in the day. I could use this one to write new stories and draw, I could even use it as a stage to perform what I felt and I saw.

With all this new space to be free, from all the work that has been plauging me, I began to write of my most recent journey. I began from how it started to become filled with dead pages, thoughts and feelings of being in cages, even illustrated shadows of pie charts dwarfing the sages.

I continue to write as these words unfold, creating new chapters and posting quotes which I feel need to be told. I guess this makes me a philosopher too, always building, making something that is alive and new.

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