Monday, July 22, 2013

Let's Run for It

Let's run for it!


I said – let's run for it!

But what's “it”?

It's all that we've ever wanted since the day we lost our innocence.

But you can't name what “it” is!

That's the point, my friend. What can be named is not It.

So, here we are – two people running after that which cannot be named.

Yes! So, let run for It!


Haku said...

I cant catch up. You are too quick for me. Is there anyway we can sit and rest for awhile? I'm weary from this long journey...I'm just going to take a nap. 'It' might be there. We've thought about place and you thought about time of course, Wiz. So, mabye its outside of those? Either way, I'm just gonna close my eyes for a little while.

Americ Azevedo said...

It is not that I am quick. It is that I still. A quiet hunter of reality. -wiz