Saturday, August 18, 2012

Elliptical Trainer

Heavy. That describes many emotions and situations. It sits on our minds and bodies. At least, it feels like it does. How real our thoughts can become to the point of putting physical strain on us. Become depressed and its hard to move or get out of bed. Become happy and you seem to float on air. That's quite a bit of power to surrender to something as fickle as the mind. But, when you stand in your own power, these thoughts have no effect on the body. We can always become stronger by weightlifting; the act of meditation. Its the simplest exercise you will ever do, though, probably one of the hardest. You don't have to lift anything to gain power, on the contrary, you let go. Don't hold onto the strain; don't lift it. See how powerful, yet light you've become?

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