Monday, July 21, 2008

Wind & Fire Dialogues - Getting Started

Lately, I've been calling Mike Scott, founder of ThoughtAudio and XLRQ, on the phone and capturing our dialogues with a digital recorder. We began in a "Zen" fashion - not knowing where the dialogue will take us; for, indeed, the quest for truth takes us where it will.

This podcast ("Getting Started") is under eight minutes long. It touches upon the following themes:

being real / special experience / birth of the church / why institutions distort reality / judgements & spiritual ego / "the right way" / the beginning of dogma / and more...

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D.S. Martin said...

Also, consider the individual personal desires that may overtake the origninal goal.
A novel experience of an unselfish event may be replaced with familiarity; and then familiarity's close counterpart.
The institutional Church may not begin in the judgment, but, instead in the many personal carnal desires to control, attain (e.g. recognition), and profit.
Judgment may be the second step of institutionalization.
There is a nuance in judgment, which is sometimes missed in these (spiritual) discussions. Judgment may be valid or contrived.
A contrived judgment in this context might be a selfish defensive stratagem to wrest control from the initial “deviant”. In such a case, both, the judge and the condemned are each deviations from the original selfless goal.
However, a valid judgment is not taken in defense of self. Valid judgments may be a true protection of the original selfless goal.
Sometimes a “good” deed is evil and sometimes an “evil” deed is good. The dichotomy may not, necessarily, be determined by the thing, but rather, the spirit that animates the thing.