Friday, April 26, 2019

What Ifs

It's normal to be afraid when an uncontrollable situation arises. In order for us to avoid this fear and regain some control, we jump towards an unwritten future or unencumbered past and begin writing or rewriting our stories. Whether they end up terrifying or uplifting us, at least we are the ones who are calling the shots...right? Well, how often in a state of fear do we actually gravitate towards the uplifting ones as opposed to the terrifying ones? It's a false sense of control. We begin to spin and spin on the phrase 'what if'. What would have happened if I hadn't been saved from that shark or what if the person isn't there next time to save me! The odds that these what ifs will end in a massive beach party are very slim. What if is always going to be the beginning of a story you'd rather not entertain. It won't give you any control over the present nor dissipate your fear of the future. Stay present and let the story unfold. Also, for good measure, maybe avoid that part of the beach next time.

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