Friday, April 26, 2019


Who do I call when I feel voiceless?
Where do I go when I have nowhere to turn?
How will today change my life forever?
What is going to become of me now?

Why God, why, is this happening to me?

These are all common questions everyone has asked themselves at one point or another during life's journey. Now, while I'm no lawyer, deity or genie, I can try to answer the last one. It's the most important since we all want to take something positive and tangible from a terrible situation; extract gold out of the mud. It is also the question that answers all other questions.

This is happening to you to make you better, make you stronger, and bring you closer to him. It's happening to show you who you might have taken for granted. It happening to show you who's there when the going gets tough. It's happening to show you the importance of every moment. It's happening so you can become the best you, whatever that looks like in your life. 

It's not happening to you sweetheart, it's happening for you

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