Saturday, February 27, 2016

Soul Healers

In forests, deserts, plains, mountains, and valleys – the ancient healers of soul, mind and body knew Grace, Power, Wisdom, and Love.  They lived before civilization – awake to the sky, earth, sun, rain, fire, and seasons.  Now we know the sky through ever changing varieties of electronic media. Very few live the primal life. Agriculture brought cities; and the flowering of poetry, writing, politics, and complex divisions of labor.  Some went back to the forest and deserts to connect with the elemental powers. Finally returning to their communities speaking and teaching truth and wisdom. That is our story too. We quest for knowledge of stars and atoms, forgetting the knowledge of Life and soul; and, recklessly subduing the earth and each other. What did the ancient ones know and teach? Did they cut through all illusions and see truth behind the blinding power of ego? Can we weave these personalities, these archetypes, together into wholeness? Can we? Dare we not?  It’s time for a new alliance of humans, earth, and cosmos; and humble submission to the Source of all-that-is.
~ Holo Sutra © by Americ Azevedo As of 2014.05.04 (final unedited draft), page 13.

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