Saturday, February 21, 2015

Leap of Faith

I generally don't write things like this but I thought why not? There are no rules.

Eyes which once were as clear as a glacier's stream were now fixed on the roaring river below. He held onto the railing of the bridge with his life. Time left him haggard and disillusioned. The grandfather who had held his heart had passed away and with him the boy's spirit to live. The boy who once played in the gentle sun now had all but forgotten it was day. It became night too soon for a boy so young. The philosopher, so rich and filled with life now felt he had lost his way. He could not feel the wind on his face; the life in his own breath. If he only listened to life, he would know that he could never lose it, unless he took it away by a leap of forgotten faith. It was now up to life to remind him of what he only saw as a faint light in the horizon. 

The wind softly spoke of memories the boy had forgotten in time's careless wake.
          Don't you feel me?
   it whispered .
                        My passion as I welcomed those tears and dried them
                        How I caressed your face and stroked your hair to remind you that you were not alone.

The moon caressed the boy with warm light and sang him a lullaby he had become deaf to since he grew cold.
           Can't you hear me?
   it sang .
                               I stayed awake while you slept under the tenderness of my light
Even when you could not see me my love
I was always there.

The stars danced a ballet of lights as they twinkled like fire in the glowing night. 
            Will you see me?
   they asked .

                                               We saw you grow
                                                 We lit the way
                                                   We will always tend to you
                                                      Even in the darkest nights
                                                       We might look distant
                                                         But we are only a glimpse away. 

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