Sunday, November 30, 2014

To love to Floss - A mother's teaching on meditation

To love to Floss - A mother's teaching on meditation
by Liliana Caughman

Big day, big interview.
A woman now but still calling Mom for advice -- always.
Mind flying through years of memories,
projections to the future
meddlings in the past
connections, skills developed, insecurities.
Confidence wavering sinosodially
Up and down
peaking, panicking, falling.
Nothing's flat.
or even.

Voice on the phone of tucked-in-on-a-rainy-day-home-sick
Voice of healing kisses on scraped knees
Smell of fresh baked cookies

I'm ready for a pump-up,
number 1 fan's supersticious traditions

And she asks me I've been flossing.

Not as much as I could be, I say.
[She knows that's a stretch]

We'll you'd better start, she continues,
People won't notice if you don't
but they'll notice if you do.
You'll be free from the built up crap.
Reach the uncomfortable places inbetween.
Grow stronger, thicker flesh.
Massage your body's natural defenses
protect yourself from nesting invaders.
It's not about your teeth, she reminds,
you have beautiful teeth.

I'm conviced.
I start flossing.
I'm hired.

People sense when one takes time to care for the Self.
The Self takes care when it's tended to.
Remember to love to floss to meditate.

-Liliana Caughman

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