Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Bob Dylan on the air

Bob Dylan on
   the air
Me on the ground
   a lifetime
   waiting for 
   take off
Could die before
   I succeed
   before I
   learn to read
   the wisdom
   in my own


My Game Ball said...

Good ol' Bob Dylan

Quixie said...

Love this! The last part really resonated with me ... working with youth and thinking about what their lives could be... Thanks so much for sharing Americ :)

Quixie said...

Loved this! The last part really resonated with me. Working with youth, I often think about what their lives will be like and where they are on their path to reading the wisdom in their hearts.

Thank you for sharing Americ!


Audrey said...

Beautiful poem, Americ. Thank you for sharing. :)