Thursday, June 26, 2014


Everyday is a surprise
You wake up in the morning
And suddenly it's different from yesterday

Perhaps it's useful to experiment
with different ways of expression
in writing, in recording, etc.
Shake things up slightly
Be a little more spontaneous 
not so worried that the "English teacher"
is going to come by and grade you down
for using the "wrong" format for a word

Life and language and art
are infinitely wide open
Why close ourselves off so much from the ultimate sources of creation which we are reflecting in every moment of living with every breath?

Be not worried
Express yourself
Like a child again
All life evolved on this Earth as acts of creation
Some worked; some failed
and with what is called "natural selection" 
leading to evolution of consciousness
leading to technology
leading to this computer
leading to the extension of 
this mind
this moment
this expression
this little act 
this spontaneous
here and now

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