Sunday, March 02, 2014

Om's and Breaths

Om's And Breaths by americ
When you make a phone call, you can create an opportunity to chant together one or more "om" sounds and do several slow long deep breaths. A good way to use some of the time together on the phone. NOTE: Long recorded pause near the end for the long quiet breaths. A few words follow.

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Anonymous said...

“More to the point” he said
“The cross is for here and now”
I live with them,
all of the many crosses
I’ve earned in my life.
Some I wear deeply, so
deep, only I know they’re there.
Some are proudly displayed, as
with my limp and cane.

But more to the point, he said,
the practice of here and now
with Om and Breath lifts those crosses
from the muck and mire

And here we go, again and again
Om, Om, Breath and they are released
I am free once again to reside in the
exact center of the cross
the meeting of the horizontal
and the vertical
Time and Consciousness
Here and Now