Friday, January 24, 2014

A budget is a moral document

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Anonymous said...

snow falls gently
I am deeply comforted -
like watching mother knit a blanket.
All is quiet ‘cept the deep low rhythm of my breathing
I’ve heard this breath before
floating in water, ears covered
like the unborn waiting to see what will happen,
a quiet pause before excitement

I was born amid snow flurries falling,
like sprightly angels come to deliver me.
Walked nine miles in a blizzard once,
drove a hundred and fifty in a blinding one.
As a child, snow seduced me to climb
wind swept mountain drifts, to sled,
at thrilling speeds, tear singed cheeks
the annual price.

snow, exquisite threatening severity tucked
fiercely behind its graceful beauty -
No amorality heaped upon us in all those drifts,
no societal indignities like greedy thieves eying our assets,
just a larger reality we learn to adjust to
and in learning, burnish our lives with warm
memories we’re ever grateful for.