Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Out There

I love it when I see that sparkle in your eyes;
that uninhibited pure joy
that total presence of wanting to be here
with you. all the sudden
I am overwhelmed, I feel
there is so much out there!
I feel so little, I feel so young
and there is nothing to say.

There is so much 
and there is nothing to say.

Because out there, out there
I am afraid of seeing it
of feeling the vastness

it must all be here
it is all here, already here
to accept it
to remember.

Love it, 
nourish it 
encourage its being

all I know is I am here
and I am working;
striving, practicing, trying to see you
and to understand
the meaning.
Desires are breathless 
I finally feel you
that connection.

Thank You

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