Friday, June 28, 2013

"God" Talk

The word "God" is dangerous to use in mixed groups. “God” is more personal than talk of sex, money, news, and general gossip. Often “God” is simply dismissed as if the word is meaningless and vacant. Baseball, stock prices and kitchen remodels appear more real and significant. We have sanitized “God” by replacing it with terms such as Ultimate, Truth, Reality, Love, etc. The big problem is that there's this idea of “God” as an old gray haired man up in the clouds. Not many people believe in that “God”. Nor do I. Sometimes we have to say “God” with disclaimers, as when we say: "God is the ultimate underlying reality expressed by physics." Belief in “God” gets confused with words not reality - as if we can choose to believe or disbelieve in Reality.

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