Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Twenty Seconds

“My task which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel — it is, before all, to make you see. That — and no more, and it is everything. If I succeed, you shall find there according to your deserts: encouragement, consolation, fear, charm — all you demand; and, perhaps, also that glimpse of truth for which you have forgotten to ask.” 

- Joseph Conrad


Zenmonkman said...

Great insight Haku

I believe that Joseph Conrad lived up to his words. Anyone who reads The Heart Of Darkness written in 1899 will attest that all attributes of life unfold in the literary motif of words and remarkably still reflects the surreal post-modern world in which we live

Anonymous said...

That quote adds up to: Wake up now. -Merlyn Aya