Friday, May 11, 2012

Magic Powers

Merlyn, it doesn't seem like anything changes. Maybe little events in the day are different, but the same everyday life that I experience just continues to drag me along. I've been really sad lately, Wiz. I was hurt recently by someone I really care about. What happened between us broke my heart. Now, it's like my heart hurts all the time. Well, until something happens to help me forget. The problem is that it's only temporary and in the end, I always feel the same way.

Merlyn: Listen to me, Haku. I am old now. My heart was broken many times; I gave away my heart in wild enthusiasm. Looking back now, what else could have happened? Love does not know boundaries. Love stumbles around wanting to be open. As years passed, I came to value all those heartaches as sweet nectars of wisdom...

Merlyn: Wow! The output keeps coming. I thought I was done with this kind of thing at my age. I thought I was just going to recycle old stuff. I am old stuff! Where's it coming from?

You're not old! You can go backwards through time, Merlyn. That means you must be getting younger.

Merlyn: And, you, Haku, are getting older.

So then one day, we'll both be the same age?

Merlyn: Yes. That will be good.

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Merlyn said...

Haku - you know there are so many kinds of love. The Greeks knew about it. My most long lasting love affair is with Wisdom. The ancients sometimes spoke of Wisdom as if a goddess. You have to love wisdom with all your heart to embody wisdom! Once wisdom takes over, "you" disappear. She's a demanding goddess.