Friday, June 01, 2012

Story of Honor - Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport

Edward O'Hare or better known as "Easy Eddie" was apart of the mob in the late twenties and was most famous for being Al Capone's lawyer. He was trusted by Capone and knew about his tax evasion and ties to the different mafia families. Eddie loved his own family and wanted to set an example for his son; one of truth and honor. To show his son that all you had was your honor and that it was worth everything, including your own life, he testified against Capone and the mob in court. This was a death sentence for him and he was later assassinated.
His son, Edward Henry "Butch" O'Hare, grew up knowing his father's sacrifice and the honor he demonstrated in the face of inevitable death. He joined the Navy during WWII and became a pilot in memory of his father's bravery. One night while he was on his aircraft carrier, he noticed a group of Japanese bombers coming towards the carrier armed with torpedoes. The carrier was completely unprepared for the attack and he was one of the only two fighter pilots on the ship. He remembered his father demonstrating to him as a child that his honor was worth the ultimate price. He flew into the array of bombers and proved such skill and bravery that after shooting down a few Japanese fighters, they finally abandoned their attack. He was awarded the Congressional Metal of Honor for his valor.
Today, Chicago O'Hare International Airport stands as proof to what can be achieved when you follow your own beliefs and demonstrate honor in the face of ultimate sacrifice.

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