Friday, June 08, 2012

The Ocean and the Sun

Look at the pretty girl dancing- her hair is so shiny.
I want my hair to be shiny. 
Look at the man with chiseled features;
use the razor he is using. 
It will give you the kind of charm that woman crave.
Women will want you. 
Men will adore you. 
You will be happy. 
You will be empty.
Because it is not about the product, but the feeling they try to convey.
And it is not for your benefit, it is for the benefit of the holders of the company.
We must burn our little boxes. 
We must create dialogue.
We must realize the importance of every moment.
We must turn our boredom to gratitude.
Use your hands, your thoughts, your hunger.
These things are yours and yours alone.

The Sounds of Animals Fighting
Lyrics from their track entitled Uzbekistan

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