Monday, April 05, 2010

Confessions of an autodidact

I'm an autodidact - someone who is self taught. Yes, I have university degrees; but, always I loved learning what I'm attracted to at any one moment. And I love all knowledge. There's no school that will give me a degree in universal knowledge. Most of the music, poetry, philosophy, science, art, technology, business, and more -- have all been learned by rambling reading, asking questions of others, and self-paced practice. I jump from book to article to Wikipedia as the mind seeks to fill in details on a subject. What I am passionate about, I learn with no effort. What's most fun is to follow chains of association between topics, issues, and fields of study. All is really one and interconnected. Children learn best when they play. If you're not having fun you're not learning.

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Miguel said...

The world of "self-induced learning" thrives in the rushing waters of digital media communication and technology. We are no longer bound to become elite memberships in order to gain access to knowledge. Although with this new emergence of self-explosive knowledge comes the question: WHAT WE WILL DO WITH IT??? Sometimes it seems today that every new ascent of society creates a corresponding social disaster. I constantly hear crumbling walls ... yet, if there is a way out of an infinite loop of absurdity it will be through the autodidactic!!!!