Sunday, April 04, 2010

Art is play

Art is play; it's to delight in conscious existence as its own reward. Children naturally create; it's us serious adults who stop them from making chaotic playful artistic messes. We want them to make drawings and songs with purpose. To constrain consciousness into predefined packages. This, of course, is needed by the laws of civilization - the rules of the road. Yet, we need to appreciate the power of daily spontaneous song. The money making media have co-oped the art of song, of images, of poetry. Take it back. Play again. Sing a song today; a song never sung before. Write freely as if no English teacher is going to correct you. Make a new dance. Breathe free. Be gentle. Be love. We only have this life. Face life. Live it.


Miguel said...

The modern time is a tempest of conflict. Our personal survival is at sake. Could it be that our personal loss mimics the fact that ART is one of the most forgotten elements in our daily lives. We have relegated ART to a canvas; we have wrapped our expression in MP3 downloads sold for a $1 and postcard photographs sold as image banks of local scenery ... In reality doesn't art reflect the under-current values of our world ... We may love technology, we may love science ... yet have we forgotten to love the creative inspiration of the individual? Rise up humanity and feel the spirit of ART resonating through your bones!!! ... Just a thought!!!

Americ Azevedo said...


I so much appreciate your feeling - and I do use that word "feeling" as the essence of what has been lost in information, lost in technology, lost in science, lost in canvas, lost in post cards. Yes, the creative inspiration, that is so sweet, so beautiful. Inspiration is feeling truly alive.