Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zen, Love and Values

Americ Azevedo & Mike Scott continue their dialogue as they now grapple with the following themes:
serenity / the American dream/ greed/ spiritual materialism/ mastery/ love of wisdom/ value/ Nietzsche / revaluation of values/ market forces as "gods"/ money/ dogmatism / and more...

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Anonymous said...

My name is David Martin. I am D.S. Martin from youtube, and I am host of the channel, which is posting Sun Tzu videos with audio by your friend Michael Scott.

I saw your blog & profile on and thought I would get a feel for your weltanschauung. I like to consider new ideas and I think that your philosophy might challenge me. I have not listened to this audio yet, but I am eager to have my 'ear bent'.
Incidentally, I host a blogspot and contribute periodically to a good friends blog. Both blogs may intrigue you. You will find all about my theology at Theology of Nuance blogspot listing.

It's good to virtually meet you.