Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is the Good Life?

I received a letter from Steven L. Turner,
a soldier in Iraq. He wrote:

Dear Sir,

I just wanted to write a short letter thanking you for your contributions to iTunes U. I am currently fighting in Iraq and your lectures throughout the course "Time, Money, and Love in the Age of Technology" have given me something to look forward to when I am not working. Your topics, and subsequent discussions, help me to stay sharp and always keep my brain turning. I just recently listened to your lecture on "The Good Life". I found this one especially intriguing and found myself discussing it with other soldiers that I work with. Anyway, I again thank you for your contributions and look forward to a time that the Internet connection is fast enough here allowing me to download more.

Steven L. Turner

I wrote back for permission to quote him here in the Philosopher-at-Large blog. He responded with:
Dear Sir,

I would be honored. All of the information that I gave you would not be sensitive in any nature. Any interaction via unsecured network should be carefully looked at and I thank you for your concern. Many would take that for granted. I have been urged by your words to write an essay of my own, as I often do, on the topic previously discussed. I have been getting some interesting answers from the guys when questioned "What is the good life?". I think I will write one here in country (given the unique setting and environment) and then write one when I get home. I
think comparison would be an interesting one. Anyway, thanks again and let me know if there are any other lectures available. The Internet connection here still isn't fast enough (or broad enough) to handle iTunes, but I stay hopeful. Have a good one and good luck in all that you do. ...

Steven L. Turner

I personally thank Steven Turner for his letters and comments. He inspires me to go on with teaching! Certainly, makes all this work worth the effort. I feel that people like him are truly making this a safer and better world.

Here's the podcast of the November 19, 2007 lecture on "What is the Good Life?" given at the University of California:


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