Friday, June 06, 2008

Hear yourself!

All day, or for just one hour: no radio, no television, no computer, no phone, no reading. Stay with yourself. Hear yourself! Much will be learned.

It’s normal, natural to want to be entertained. We’re all like children. We want to be distracted from ourselves. Our “self” in the sense of the small self, the ego, engages in a painful struggle for against a hostile world. Call it reality. It wants to withdraw from the battle. Listening to the news on the radio; or, watching “reality television” (where we tune into the lives of other “real” people) gives us relief from ourselves. We also keep going to our computers or phones to be thrown outward to somewhere outside our little self.

I’m not saying that radio, television, computers, phone and books are bad – I’m saying that to use these to escape deprives us of the precious opportunity to come closer to our big Self – the ground of our consciousness, which is also everyone else’s consciousness. This is the ultimate reality experience. Life is short; we have no time to waste. Be all you can be. Be here now. Afterwards, take a break; turn on the radio, TV, computer. Remember to come back again to your Self, again and again.

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