Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Don't Write


crl said...

Speaking is good...and some of us are better at it than others.

Both methods are useful, as they are entirely different ways of expressing yourself, your ideas. I'll often record my thoughts while driving...and those thoughts are most often translated into the written word later on...and sometimes become fodder for an actual conversation, or telecom.

Use all your tools...rule out nothing. 'People' will tell you what you're good at.


Unknown said...

Don't write -- speak!!! Excellent statements. The human brain is hardwired for verbal sounds as the mainstay of knowledge communication.

... and yes, you are a much better speaker than writer, although you are an excellent writer ... just that much better at speaking.

Thank you for sharing your speaking voice with all of us

Michael Scott

Donya said...

It is so weird to hear yourself, but I have wondered often if I would be my own friend if I was in another body. Speaking and recording seems to be a tool to explore this more! Thank you for sharing this Americ!