Sunday, November 05, 2017

Coming of Age

Coming toward old age is easy - it happens. Coming to terms with advancing old age is difficult. There are many unexpected changes in health, habits, and powers. Fortunately mother nature gives us time to anticipate and adjust. Difficult goodbyes coming upon one upon another with accelerating velocity. Become aware of the minuses and pluses of aging. 

  • Stairs seem harder to climb.
  • Going to work becomes less attractive.
  • Days, months, and years fly faster.
  • Long time friends are getting sick and dying.
  • Feeling so thankful for each day of health.
  • Injuries take longer to heal.
  • Cooling of passions brings new freedom from complexity.
  • Wisdom dawns.
  • Spiritual senses open to eternity.
  • Long friendships truly valued.

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