Thursday, June 29, 2017

I'm excited about who I really am!

I'm excited about who I really am!
     No, I didn't just find out
     I am Bill Gate's daughter,
     or win a prize,
     or graduate with honors;
It's much more subtle than that.

I found out, well,
there are no words to express it.

I found out I am happiness
     through and through,
     except when I forget it.
I found out I can love
     more and more
          and more and more
                     and more.

Yes, there are no words;
     and I am eternally grateful:
     Grateful that I,
     Grateful that I am that I am,
     Grateful I am that,
Grateful I am God's Love Shining.

                   ~ Diane Shavelson

1 comment:

Lars in Norway said...

Thank you Diane!
That is so sweet, and such an important reminder.
I copied it, printed it and will hang it over my desk!
Thanks again!
Warm regards,