Thursday, July 07, 2016

My religion is love

My grandson asked, "Grandpa, what is your religion?" Thinking deeply, deciding to be honest, I said, "My religion is love.”

My grandson asked, "Grandpa, what is your religion?" Thinking deeply, deciding to be honest, I said, "My religion is love; which is what great religions teach -- love." Then he said, "So which one is your religion?". Out of my mouth (and heart) came, "All of them, if they are about love." I also wanted to say that the great sages are humbled by the encounter with the mystery, the truth of that which cannot be spoken, of that union with the spirit known directly, while indescribable. That was too much to say; it says nothing anyway! Grandson wanted me to pick one religion, just like buying a car or computer; but, that’s not my way. For thirty years, I studied, digested, and internalized many religions; finding all leading to the same place inside myself. That is my particular spiritual non-religious perspective on religion. Spirituality is very inner, very personal -- but as we share our spiritual lives we build common languages with terms, texts, rituals, and symbols which become religions. Religions naturally happen everywhere; they are spiritual support groups.

The seeds of great religions are the cosmic-divine insights of great souls in all places and circumstances. These insights are life changing. Someone asks, "Master, what did you learn? How did you become like this?" Teachings are passed by words and deeds which are recorded in many ways. Spiritual insights become religions over time.



Taylor said...

Americ, this is Taylor Tan, a student of yours for the last two semesters. I received your email today informing me of the existence of this blog and I'm delighted that you are willing to share your thoughts and musings with the world. The "religion of love" and the surrounding philosophies are what drew me to your classes and you as an individual to begin with. Out of curiosity, how old is your grandson? Thank you for your thoughtfulness and hopefully I will see you next semester!

Americ Azevedo said...

Hello Taylor! So good to find you here. I believe my grandson was ten years old at the time he asked that question.

Paul Devine said...

Hello Americ,

Thank you for this!

I was just musing away to myself, as I often do, about my spiritual journey and what my beliefs are... I find spiritual support from my involvement with The Salvation Army, especially around the service to 'suffering humanity' but I'm not comfortable with some of their beliefs, and in fact, organised religions in general don't really resonate with me ... I love reading Taoist text (that stuff really floats my boat!) and I like Buddhist writings too. So I was thinking what I would put as my religion if I ever had to and my immediate thought was "my religion is love". So I Googled it (of course) which brought me to this, a blog which puts so eloquently and succinctly the things I was thinking but didn't have the words to express in such a way.

Much gratitude to you.

I'll check out some of your other stuff now that my interest has been piqued.

Greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland!

With love! :-)

Paul Devine.

Lars Heyerdahl said...

Hi Americ,
Lars in Norway here.
Thank you for that. It is also so "you" ! :-) - and would it not be great if A Lot More folks around the world, just adopted that philosophy.
Am thinking of you, am thinking of Socrates, am thinking of Liberty and Freedom, Religious Liberty and Freedom also, through open, peaceful dialogue.

May it - one day - take place!

Love you too!