Saturday, May 14, 2016

Eternal Life

A look at the real meaning of "eternal life".

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My Game Ball said...

First, another great post by Americ and touching on a subject that's plaguing the world right now ... FEAR!

Everyone is experiencing the comedic rantings of political aspirants, wondering if there is a chance in the near future that our lives might suffer catastrophic upheaval, and as a result bury the Quixotic lifestyles we lead in Mount Vesuvius-esque ashes.

My question is why do we cling to blindness and ignorance (as to ignore / to bury one's head)? It seems simple to merely face the fear head on, yet many see this as a clack of social piety, sub-standard emotional intelligence, where being "nice" and "pleasant" are the rules of social engagement.

Anyway ... Americ's inspirational monologues always spark my mind into deep thought.

Michael Scott