Sunday, December 22, 2019

On Becoming a "Philosopher-at-Large"

A long time ago, I was gifted with a personal rubber stamp imprinted with my name, job title, address and phone number.  The job title was "Philosopher at Large". 

During my high school years, I began to study Philosophy. I took a special elective English class that used readings from an anthology of deeply meaningful texts titled Preface to Philosophy: Book of Readings. It was like "doing science" without equipment, except with our minds and life experiences. It awakened a fire in my mind that lives to this day. My destiny as a "philosopher at large" started unfolding.

I began college assuming I would get a degree in a science such as biology or physics. But it did not go that way. Instead, I graduated with a couple of degrees in philosophy.

It was sad moment, as an undergraduate intending to stay in biology, when I realized it was not my field. I visited the office of the Dean for the school.  He suggested majoring in a field that I found enjoyable and easy. I said it would be philosophy. He said,  "We need more philosophers than doctors and research scientists". He explained that we are creating difficult ethical problems as science and medical technology advances. So, I gladly transferred to philosophy.  A truly appropriate decision. It has lead to a life with many amazing adventures. 

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Reading the way you write - you are definitely a philosopher sir!!