Saturday, January 31, 2015

Relationship with Time

I was a little kid living with my parents on a dairy farm. Quiet clear summer nights smelling of alfalfa. Often noticed the ticking sound of our windup alarm clock. I loved to hold it to my ear to hear it "tick-toc". By getting really still, you could see the minute hand budge slightly with each tick-toc.

Years later, I was a graduate student, working on a thesis called "Wholes and Parts". Two years later, no sense of progress! I was going nowhere with this thesis. In frustration, I decided to write an "instant thesis". In one week, during two nights, two hours each night, a total of four hours, wrote a perfect jewel - “A Theory of Subjective Time”. My adviser told me to show it to the "time expert". Which I did. Quickly, it substituted for my two year going nowhere thesis!

Sometimes you take a long time to accomplish nothing; but can take almost no time to get it all done!

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