Saturday, June 14, 2014

Doing Not Doing

"Doing not doing" one possible translation of the Chinese phrase "wei wu wei". It suggests a state of effortless being and action. This is one of the most important ideas within the Tao te Ching.


My Game Ball said...

Brilliant ... a perfect interpretation of Doing Not Doing.

One of your best posts ever!!!

My Game Ball said...

Okay ... I must clarify my last statement of "Oh this was a great post" ... because it more than that.

One of the obstacles in today's post-modern era is the conflict between maintaining personal integrity and prostituting oneself to pay the bills. They are seen as two disparate identities struggling and battling against each other for dominance.

When in fact, the resolution is to blend the two parts, that is, the one of action, work and DOING with the integrity of self or NOT DOING.

My thought is the focal point is INTEGRITY. Maintain integrity and by definition the phrase DOING NOT DOING becomes resonant with daily life.

.... hummmm .... Okay, maybe this is not as profound as it sounded in my head before I wrote it, but I think it is heading in the right direction (provided an error variance of great latitude is allowed).