Thursday, August 01, 2019


During my first year of elementary school, a little girl named Sherry often met me on the playground. She was an outcast with wild unkempt golden hair who talked in slow whispers. The kids made fun of me for talking with her. One day she brought a little book with a picture of a star. She said, “We come from there.” Yes, the substance of our bodies is stardust condensed from the heavens. We are in the heavens; someone in another solar system could be looking our way.


Lars in Norway said...

Today I was informed that you passed away on July 10th!!
I hope this is not so!!
Is Diane keeping your blog alive?
If so, Ican live with that.
All my love,

Haku said...

I will be keeping it alive as long as I'm alive. I promised him I would before he died. So we'll be here