Friday, February 15, 2013

A Poetic Contribution to "V Day: One Billion Rising"

Woman-Child of Mother-Earth

The sense of something
Echoing inside of me,
Wanting, longing to be free
To express
What is me,
And let all see
The Womanliness
That I possess.

The Heart is all
The power that be.
Let me love
And soft, tenderly—
   The mother towards the child;
And sweetly, innocence—
   I, myself, the child.

May my heart of Love
And my passion of fire
The warm furnace hearth
Burning in me,
Protecting me
From the harm
The spirit can receive
If it steps out
Into our man-world
Too meekly.

The fire and the passion
Heat my heart.
My heart burns
With the fire-love
Of a mother
Fighting for the life
Of her child.

I am fighting for the life
Of the Child
Of the Mother
Of the Earth.

This Earth-Child,
In my, our, custody,
And all of us, her daughters,
Armored messengers be.
Our heart-power
Is not available for the fight—
Our armor is too tight.
We cannot leap flames
From our Hearts,
Until we start to unpeel
His armory from us, from me.

My weapon is
My burning, flaming heart.
My protection is
The Earth’s flow within me,
And the Universal Light around me.

My soul is with the All.
My human heart,
God/dess’ messenger,
The flame
That I must allow free
So we all can join
Life’s family,
And Earth can simply be.

The Amazon Warrior
Armed with Love,
Nothing more,
Begins her conquering.

Please, come join me/us.
Time is running short.
Our Gaia is crying.
Our Love can set her free,
And in so doing,
You and me.
                                 (Diane Shavelson 1991)
For Information: V Day: One Billion Rising

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