Monday, December 24, 2012

To Receive the Gift, Just Untie the Bow

Every pedal of the rose
Is appreciated by the nose,
Though the nose
Only smells
The whole rose.

Every one of us is special,
Though the Oneness-of-all-things
Is All
That really exists,
That is.

Every one of us shines
The Light of God,
Though there is only
The One Light.

Every feather of the bird
Can be heard
In the soaring
Of the bird,
But from our earthly perch
We see only
The whole bird.

The Oneness-of-all-things
Is hidden within,
And can only be seen
With the perception
Of our Soul.

The One Hum
Of the Whole Universe
Might be heard
By the soaring bird,
Or by our Soul,
Or by the ears
Of a little child.

May my body
Smell the fragrance
Of my Soul,
And my breath
As the bird
On the air,
And fill me with Love
(The meaning of life),
So here I can stand,
As I soar up beyond
The clouds,
The birds,
And the limits
Of this boxed-up

“Hey mom,
Can we open our packages now?”

                            (Diane 12/2012)

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