Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Soldier On

Who wants to know

All that is gold is rustingNo one will knowWhen seasons cease to change and:
How far we've goneHow far we're goingIt's the here and the nowAnd the love for the soundOf the moments that keep us moving

Waves crash alongThe battered, lonely lighthouseTomorrow she's goneAnd if not, someday somehow
Are these hands a waste?
Well this side of mortality isScaring me to deathTo death

Don't think about it at allJust keep your head lowAnd don't think about it all

Soldier on, soldier onKeep your heart close to the groundSoldier on, soldier on, keep your heartClose to the ground

Don't think about it allJust keep your head lowDon't think about itAt all

Soldier onSoldier onKeep your heartClose to the ground

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